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Gut-Repairing Bone Broth Recipe

Home-made bone broth helps support a healthy gastrointestinal (GIT) tract, otherwise known as the gut. It contains glutamine, collagen, glycine and gelatine which are essential amino acids that help seal the tight-junctions of the GIT. These nutrients help provide the cell with the nutrients needed to support epithelial cells, the cells that line the entire GIT tract. If you have a slow cooker at home, give this recipe a whirl and see if you notice any difference in your digestion, skin, hair and nails.

Ingredients (4 Servings)

  • 1 Whole Chicken Carcass (about 2 lbs of bones)

  • 2 Carrots (peeled and chopped)

  • 1 Yellow Onion (diced)

  • 2 stalks of Celery (chopped)

  • 3 Garlic (cloves, halved)

  • 1 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar

  • 1 tsp Sea Salt

  • 1 cup Parsley (chopped)


  1. Place the bones in the slow cooker. Add all remaining ingredients. Set slow cooker to low and let cook for at least 12 hours.

  2. After 12 hours, strain the broth through a strainer or mesh sack. Discard the vegetables that you strained out. Allow broth to cool. Once cool, remove the layer of fat that forms on the top and discard or save it for future cooking.

  3. Freeze broth until ready to use.

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