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About Your Initial Nutrition Consultation


Prior to your initial nutrition consultation you will be asked to complete a health questionnaire (allow 45-minutes), a motivation assessment (30 minutes) and a 3 day food diary. Your initial consultation is the familiarisation and fact-finding appointment. During this session, Terese will discuss your health goals and concerns, medical history, signs and symptoms, diet and lifestyle aspects such as energy, exercise, stress and sleep.


Body composition analysis is included as part of your initial consultation (if desired) as well as height, weight and waist measurements. Depending on your condition, blood pressure, urine analysis and other assessments with your consent may be required. You may also be referred for further testing, such as blood tests or pathology tests.

After your consultation, time will be spent analysing the collated information and preparing a personalised health plan for you. This will be presented to you at your Nutrition Plan Discussion appointment.


Initial Nutrition Consultation Includes:


  • 60 - 90 minutes fact-finding session

  • Body composition analysis (for weight management patients)

  • Personalised health plan including nutrition & lifestyle recommendations

  • Healthy, delicious, easy to prepare recipes (if required)

  • Information handouts & brochures (where applicable)

  • Nutrition supplement recommendations (if applicable)



Nutrition Plan Discussion (45 mins)

Your personalised health plan will be presented to you during this appointment, along with any meal plans that have been prepared for you. This is also time to ask any questions you have. 


If nutritional supplements are recommended and you'd like to add them to your plan, they will be ordered after your appointment and delivered direct to you at your chosen address. 


Follow Up Appointments (30 mins)

Your goals and where you are on your health journey will determine how regularly you should have a follow up. These sessions are designed to discuss and evaluate how you're getting on with your health plan and make any adjustments and recommendations as needed. Additional meal plans and recipes can be created for an additional cost if required.